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Thursday, 19 January 2017

5 Signs to know if your Girlfriend is a "Cheerful Giver"

Today, we've got another interesting post about relationships. I know most of you already know what I mean by "Cheerful Giver" but I'll still explain it for the benefit of those who may not. 

A "Cheerful Giver" in this context is not someone who is not stingy with material things or who freely shares money or other gift items with people. A Cheerful Giver here refers to a lady who likes sleeping around with men. She accepts men sexual advances towards her without giving them too much stress. She might just allow them for a little amount of money or for a casual favour they did. And if the guy is handsome, he doesn't even need to give her money or do any favour, she just submits herself to him.

If a "Cheerful Giver" lives in a populated building like most Nigerian "face to face" houses, she would have slept with most if not all the young men in the compound. If she is a student, a lot of boys in her class or environs could have slept with her. 

Now, I'm sure you clearly understand what I mean by the phrase. I'll go ahead to list signs you can use to identify a girl who is a Cheerful Giver.

  • She's always flirting with men. 

You would always catch a Cheerful Giver flirting with men and men always flirting with her. When she greets a man on the street while walking with you, just turn back to see and you'll find the man she greeted still staring at her back flirtatiously or lustfully.

  • She has no problem with men touching her at sensitive parts 

A cheerful giver will never worry when another man touches her somewhere sensitive. I mean she could be playing with a guy and allow him fondle her breast or press her backside. Instead of her to protest, she will be laughing or giggling and telling the guy to stop with an unserious tone. Sometimes, it could even be more than one man at a time touching her and she'll be enjoying the act.

But you can only catch her in this act unawares, if she's aware that you're coming or going to show up in a place, she'll caution herself and warn the men who could be around her at that time. 

  • She always acts strange beside some men.

A cheerful giver would never be comfortable when she's with her boyfriend and one or more of the beneficiaries of her benevolence is around. You'll notice the discomfort especially when the benefactor is having a conversation with her boyfriend and he gets to talk about her. 

Imagine the benefactor say something like, "You really have a sweet girlfriend". She will smile at him wittily when you look at her face. Imagine him add, "She's really very sweet, I tell you," she will still force a smile on while your eyes are on her and you're telling the guy "Thanks" not knowing what he means but if you should look back unexpectedly while he's making such comments, you'll definitely catch her giving him an evil look and then quickly force a smile when she sees you're looking at her. 

  • Other guys talk nastily about her.

If you're in the midst of other guys who you know are her friends but they don't know you're her boyfriend, try raising a topic about her and you're hear so many revelations. Some would tell you how soft some of her body parts are and possibly testify to you what happened in the bed with her. 

  • She hides her relations with other men from you 

Picture this; you meet your girlfriend talking to another man and they seem to be deeply engrossed in the discussion until you appear, then he leaves or she dismisses him immediately. When you ask her who he is, she'll most likely tell you he's just a casual friend. He's just a casual friend and you're engrossed in such a deep conversation with him? 

You can add the signs you know about cheerful givers using the comment box. 

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    1. Thanks for reading Aremu, kindly share with others too

  2. ha ha... cheerful giver... from the title I thought you meant giver as in money or gifts...

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